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RelaunchedFree Site for Graias.com is backWelcome to the world of Dr. Lomp, the infamous sadist who you probably already know from the Mood Universe. If you are into hard BDSM, excessive spanking and extreme whipping, and we mean the real hardcore style to a level of insanity and madness… Dr. Lomp delivers!Elite PainAmanda & Ariel - Whipping DuelThe new Treasure Hunt game became a great success, and now we publish a special episode of this game: a duel between Amanda and Ariel. After they failed in each game, we decided to give them another chance in this special, duel format of our newest game.New Free SiteDiapered as a PunishmentWhen a bare bottom spanking punishment just isn’t enough. The next step beyond corporal punishment. Delinquent brats get their sore bottoms put into diapers after a painful spanking, strapping and caning.NewsShut Shamed RavenRaven has been sent to an experienced disciplinarian, Miss Elizabeth, by her husband for continuing slutty and promiscuous behavior. Miss Elizabeth is very equipped to teach this nasty slut a humiliating and long-lasting lesson. Miss Elizabeth's methods are working!English SpankersNew Model TammyAnother film in our Regression Sessions films where naughty ladies are regressed to their schooldays by a strict Mommy, strict but not very fair you might say. Mommy Sarah picks up a wooden paddle and really goes to town on this naughty bare bottom, a lesson will be given.New ModelDolliiy at Cheerleader SpankingsWelcome new model Dolliiy at Cheerleader Spankings. At the end of her first video, poor Dolliiy rubs her sore bottom and is embarrassed at how she got herself into a corporal punishment with her silly, selfish behavior!Welcome!Chrissy Marie Debut at Firm Hand SpankingSuper-hot Chrissy Marie Coleman looks so innocent in her check shirt, tied tight to show of her boobs, with denim shorts that accentuate a tight bottom. This Country Girl gets a wakeup call from John Friday: 'There's gonna be discipline around here for a change!' Over his knee, she's firmly spanked on her bare behind to adjust her attitude. Will it work?Out NowEpic Group Punishment VideoSarah Gregory Spanking has just published an amazing long-play group punishment video to celebrate their 500th HD Production. A masterpiece spanking video, full of non-stop epic spanking punishments for 5 beautiful girls. Check it out!Out NowCards of Pain Reloaded - LindaSecond episode of the Cards of Pain spin-off series, out now at Elite Pain. This time for the first time the three best dominas of the BDSM world ream up in a game against a player: Amanda, Ariel and Tatjana.DiscountATP Studios - 40% OFFAssume The Position Studios is offering a Holiday Discount Pricing for a short time! Hurry and join now, get your 6 months unrestricted membership for only $59.95!New Free SiteMy Cruel Domina - FemDomFree site of beautiful but strict, mean and cruel dominas! Face sitting, strapon anal fucking, face slaps, severe canings and most degrading treatments is what the slaves have to expect from these goddesses. No mercy and no breaks, but pure pain and pure humiliation.New Free SiteSpanked SecretariesLazy secretaries, apprentices and trainees receive corporal punishments from by their bosses, preferably in the form of whippings and bare bottom spankings, to turn them from useless office slackers into attentive, reliable and loyal employees.Feat. ZazieCards Of Pain 12 @ Elite PainYour favorite pain game returns with Zazie. This time you see the regular version of this game. The cute and innocent blonde this time plays against Amanda and Tatjana. Will Zazie be able to win the prize of the game? Zazie looks fragile but she can take a lot of pain.New ModelLily James at Firm Hand SpankingWelcome bratty beauty Lily James, the latest new model at Firm Hand Spanking. Lily is startled to be put across the Discipline Counselor's knee, pert bottom soundly spanked to teach her respect!New ModelAbigail Harding at Firm Hand SpankingA bottom-warming welcome to pretty Abigail Harding, who discovers that working for a wealthy country estate in England includes strict discipline. It’s special to see a total newbie spanked for the very first time: her embarrassment is perfect in The Estate. Philip Johnson spanks her creamy bare bottom a deep red, first over the desk then his knee.NewsTreasure Hunt - New Show at Elite PainPilot episode of the brand new Elite Pain Game Show, out now! Darcia is the first player to tests the flow of this new game. She learns its difficulties the hard way.ReloadedC.O.P. - Ariel's Second ChanceAfter her failure in Cards of Pain 6, Ariel now takes a second chance to win the increased prize of 20.000 USD. In this reloaded version of the game - unlike in the normal version - the player may not eliminate a card at the beginning. Rather if she is not happy with the card she drew for a round, she may draw a new one in return for 10 extra strokes. This time Amanda is teamed up with Tatjana to punish her.New ModelWelcome Madi LaineMadi Laine is a cute new worker that Madam Clare Fonda has taken under her wing. Watch Madi’s first OTK Spanking at the Clare Fonda Network.NewsNew Model Hannah GraceWelcome new model Hannah Grace, spanked in the kitchen by Cheyenne Jewel, at the Clare Fonda 5 Sites PassNew ReleaseCards of Pain 11 - Elite PainYour favorite pain game returns with Linda's friend Dorothy. Together they played the 'Save Your Friend' game, but now Dorothy must play alone against the two vicious dominas: Amanda and Tatjana.
Punishing QuinnAdorably naughty little Quinn gets spanked first by her Daddy Mr U, then her GrandPa Tubaman. Then a bare-bottom double-top spanking, and finally a double-top strapping that has her kicking wildly and howling like a banshee.Maddy's Regression - HQ Photos PreviewMaddy Marks is so embarrassed by the idea that her parents hired a babysitter for her after she kept getting caught sneaking out when they weren't home. Maddy is given a spanking as 'preemptive discipline' and then, to her great embarrassment, Alex makes her lie down to be diapered.GBS Classics - On The Back - Lisa & Gina CanedCards Of Pain Reloaded - DorothyAfter losing her regular Cards of Pain game, we were able to persuade Dorothy to play the RELOADED version of the same game, in which, unlike the regular version, if the player is unhappy with the card she has drawn for a turn, she may draw a new card - for 10 additional strokes.One Night Stand, One Morning Bending OverKyra came home in the morning fully disheveled after spending the night out with a one night stand she met in a bar. Chelsea takes the loose little lady over her knee for a sound reminder to never put herself in such a dangerous situation, especially without letting anyone know where she is.Welcome To The InstituteThis is the 600th release and what better way to mark this with a stellar casting and a wicked storyline that has 3 naughty schoolgirls introduced to their new austere life with humiliating punishments they can expect for poor behavior. Starring Angelica Vee, Jayda Blaze and Kajira Bound.Welcome To The InstituteThis is the 600th release at AAA Spanking and what better way to mark this with a stellar casting and a wicked storyline that has 3 naughty schoolgirls introduced to their new austere life with humiliating punishments they can expect for poor behavior. Starring Angelica Vee, Jayda Blaze and Kajira Bound.Be Good At Being YouKim Chi is in serious trouble. She's been suspended from school for copying another student in a test. Paul makes the point that not only is it wrong, copying is pointless and removes Kim's free expression of her own opinions and abilities. Kim is going to have her bottom paddled, hard.Belinda's Panties Pulled Down For A Spanking And Strapping By CoachHer jiggling cheeks reddened already, Belinda Lawson knows that coach is only just getting started with her motivation spankings in Discipline Matters. The stinging leather strap makes her buttocks bounce beautifully, but his hand goes to work on those bare cheeks, panties pulled sharply down.Punishing Angelica VeeIn her first video at Spanking 101, adorable little Angelica Vee shines! In trouble for misbehaving, Angelica gets spanked 4 times, on her dress, pantyhose, panties, and bare bottom. After each painful spanking, she is placed in embarrassing time out.between two mothersAn angry mother goes to confront the mother of her daughter's bully at her home. The bully's mother knows the real reason for her visit... she knows her buttocks will soon sting and burn!Free galleries from Dani Daniels, a famous bisexual porn and spanking actress from the US, winner of countless awards, including 'Performer of The Year’.Private Rooms - Aftermath PhotosTraining For PunishmentAmelia is in trouble at The Club again for not following the strict rules and protocols when she is hired as the evening's resident 'House Slave'. Mistress Zoe deals with this unruly behavior the only (and best) way she knows how... using her humiliating style of punishment and unbearable scolding that leaves Amelia in no doubt what she has done wrong. Amelia is naked on the spanking bench, already feeling 'beyond subbie' and Mistress lets her know exactly what is expected and demanded. Zoe is mean... as her hand spankings and leather strappings ensure Amelia's bottom glows red with shame. This also includes intimate and painful fingers finding Amelia's oh-so-vulnerable parts such as her exposed nipples... they get tweaked hard to remind Amelia not to forget why she is there! This is a fantastic D/s spanking film between 2 very popular ladies who need absolutely no introduction to our network... fans of their work will adore this latest unique film!Mean Girls And A Nerd Punished Part One - SpankingsAshley and Brittany have been bullying Apricot, and Apricot hacked their computers to get the proof. The College Disciplinarian punishes everyone. The bullies get paddled with a board in soaking wet panties to increase the sting, bare ass stripes from a yardstick and Penalty Swats on the butthole.Big-Titted Secretary Whipped On The TableWhy is the busty slut in stockings on the table, getting her ass paddled hard? Go download Spanking Them secretary submission video to get to know why she is crying so aloud and what else is waiting for her pussy and ass!Diapered Dorothy: Spanked For SmokingAfter a stern and serious scolding about the dangers of her unhealthy smoking behavior, and about how to avoid peer pressure, Alex doesn't think she has shown Dorothy how upset she really is. So Dorothy finds herself upended and over mommy's knee for a spanking.Mood Castings - Vivien Blue, Sofie Blanche, Claudia ConnersEryn Dreams Of SpankingEryn has been waiting for this for a long time. When they get out of the bath, their instructions are waiting in a letter on the hotel room dressing table: strip off, present, be ready. There's a collection of implements: a pair of straps, shiny paddles made of padded leather and polished wood.Cherry Blossom in Herd MentalityFirst made to wear the far-too-small dropseat pajamas she worse years earlier, Elizabeth gives Cherry a very well-smacked bottom indeed before applying her hairbrush to Cherry's un-flapped backside. Hopefully this exemplary spanking will ensure there is no repeat of her bad behavior in the future.Slut Shamed RavenRaven has been sent to an experienced disciplinarian, Miss Elizabeth, by her husband for continuing slutty and promiscuous behavior. Miss Elizabeth is very equipped to teach this nasty slut a humiliating and long-lasting lesson. Raven is stripped down to her sexy, slutty lingerie and put over the spanking bench with her bottom stuck out for a hard paddling and strapping. Then, of course... she is told to take her naughty lace panties off so that Miss Elizabeth can spread Raven's legs for a far more humiliating spanking. Now, everything is on display, and Raven is suitably embarrassed in such a submissive position! After much scolding, spanking, and degradation... Raven is placed and tied to the St. Andrews Cross. Miss Elizabeth uses various paddles and straps including using a leather crop to punish her naughty slutty pussy. Raven is fully exposed, embarrassed, and unable to answer back defiantly as she had earlier... Miss Elizabeth's methods are working! She is left there on the cross after her slut-shaming punishment, make-up running, tears flowing, feeling very sorry for herself. This is a long film between a true submissive and an expert disciplinarian.Misty's Deserved PunishmentMisty's behavior since she lost the captaincy of the school cheer squad has gone downhill. It soon becomes apparent why Misty is playing up so much as Riley adds color to an already sore and tender, recently spanked bottom. Will Misty learn her lesson?Simone Punished For Reading Porn MagazinesThe Single Malt OffenseHot Bird Is Back - Natalie Gold S Return - Part 2In this part of the serial, Nataly will be ordered to lick and suck a big dildo in front of her, while Dr Lomp will be ready next to her, and whip her palm with a riding crop. Poor slave girl is not permitted to give up sucking the big cock even if she feels the pain deep through her veins.Stripped Naked, Lucy Lauren Endures A Tough Spanking In PrisonStanding spectacularly nude shows off Lucy Lauren's athletic figure as prison officer Zoe Page ropes her wrists to a high beam at Correctional Institute. Lucy can see a wooden paddle waiting, but first she has to be spanked!Corrective Measures For CaseJohnny makes an example of his naughty girlfriend Case, taking her over his lap for a much-needed, corrective hand spanking discipline. her slinky legs draped across the couch and her reddening bottom do not distract Johnny from the task 'in hand'.Outside ContractorWith the re-introduction of corporal punishment to more progressive American schools, with the aim of straightening out troublemakers and engendering a more submissive student body (!), a number of schools find themselves without staff experienced in the practice of disciplining wayward schoolgirls. Well, there is an outside contractor for every need and it seems that Lux's school needs Kennedy's particular services! A 'punishment consultant', brought in specifically to discipline Lux, the school's worst behaved student, Kennedy confesses to not being remotely concerned with what Lux has actually done. No, he has a job to do and is, he informs the poor girl about to have her bottom caned, extremely good at it. We pretty sure this is not the last time we will encounter this outside contractor. He does have a useful and practiced set of transferable skills after all! Oh, what a time to be alive!How To Punish A PrincessPrivate detective Kennedy is on a revenue protection gig for a casino. Having studied her gambling habit carefully, and done some digging, he visits Lilly unannounced in her room and confronts her with evidence that she is not in fact minor European royalty, but a penniless waitress from Baltimore.The Paddle For A Spanking Virgin - HQ Photos PreviewI love it when I get the chance to spank a beautiful girl and know that it is the very first spanking she has received. In this film I have the pleasure of spanking and paddling a real beauty. Violet Haze has now become one of my favorite models.Pandora Blake - UnwindingFiguring she has nothing to lose, Pandora decides to give herself a little respite while Veronica is out and indulges in a glass of wine and a hot bath in Veronica's tub. Veronica returns home early and uses the cane on Pandora's wet bottom upon catching the willful maid taking advantage.Carol & Simone in Trouble - Photo SetCarol and Simone are due for a corporal punishment for stealing money. It's not the first time that this happened, so Headmaster Michael has no other option but to apply a long OTK spanking to both brats, and a severe caning to Simone as she was found to be the mastermind of this repeated theft.Epic Paddling On Skin-Tight Jeans, No Breaks With Coach-Style Swats!When it comes to a paddling, Belinda Lawson respects the burn of the board - especially when it's as large as this Texas high-school paddle. Imagine a coach administering 10 swats to a senior girl's bouncing bottom in tight denim jeans: now see it for real from three angles!Funny Signs - Photos PreviewAs Maggy can't give a reasonable excuse why she hasn't finished polishing the fridge doors, punishing her is a must. She is bent over the kitchen table and lifting her skirt - he starts reddening her plump bottom with a large leather paddle.Ava's Asylum Punishment TwoPreviously in 'Ava's Asylum Punishment', the slutty inmate was caught trying to escape then brought into the director's office for punishment from him and Nurse Bernadette. Now, Ava has been at it again, and this time she has escaped with the help of a male guard, Ethan, who she had seduced. They end up in a secluded hotel room but Nurse Bernadette and Director Mike have tracked them down. This time, Ava will be disciplined far more severely than before and her lover guard is told he must watch the woman he lusts after being punished by the pair. Naked Ava is strapped on her bottom, breasts, and pussy. She is whipped, caned, and spanked. Already vulnerable and starting to have her will broken, she is given a humiliating anal cavity search before a humiliating old fashioned enema syringe (filled with chili peppers and warm water) is used as maximum punishment. After she is screaming in pain, marked up and sore all over, Ava is allowed to leave and take care of herself while the Nurse and Director of the Asylum prepare to bring their wayward inmate back with them in restraints.Diapered Dorothy: Dance Class - Photo PreviewDorothy is required to wear diapers all week as a humiliating punishment for a bad report card and constantly being in trouble at school. She spanks Dorothy over her knee and then tapes her into a big, pink diaper, adding a booster pad to make it even more obvious.The Return Of ElinIt was years ago that Elin closed the door behind her, happy and relieved that her time in Girls Boarding School was over. Now all of a sudden she retuned, but with a letter from her husband, reporting a sudden and unexpected relapse into truculence, insubordination and disobedience.Donna's Caning Photos SetApricot's Wheelbarrow SpankingApricot Pitts takes up the challenge of joining the 'Wheelbarrow Club'. This is a gorgeous film with multiple angles so you don't get to miss anything; Her facial expressions, the impact shots with his hands, and a stinging hairbrush not forgetting the delightful view from behind.Dr Lomp Tames Renata FoxDon't assume that every stubborn girl has allergy for dominance. Some of them just seek the true man to tame them. Here is the example, named Renata. She is a brat but she is eager to give away her control to Dr Lomp's experienced hands. Watch Renata properly enslaved by Dr Lomp.Bambi Belle's TherapyRegression therapy, Alex explains, involves moving backward emotionally into a childlike state in order to be more receptive to treatment. So, Bambi is turned across her doctor's lap and spanked, first over her little panties, and then on her bare bottom, until she agrees to wear the diaper.Blaire's Long School DayBlaire thinks that by pretending to be sick, she will be let off school early. However, her teacher knows better and sends the lazy young madam to the school nurse where she will examine her claim and decide if she can leave early. Nurse Elizabeth can spot a faker a mile away and knew that Blaire was making this all up so she decides to test her 'fever' claims with a temperature taking... the old-fashioned way, rectally! Blaire is shocked and hopes that her temperature is high so takes the humiliating insertion up her bottom, feeling the greasy vaseline allowing the glass rod to enter inside of her easily. Of course, her temperature was normal and Nurse Elizabeth informs Blaire, with a wry smile, that she will be spanked right there for her lying. Poor Blaire's plans to sneak off early are in disarray and the embarrassment of this punishment is further compounded when she is told to report to the school basement afterward and wait for Headmaster. He will have further plans for her once he is informed of her behavior. Blaire's hope of an early exit is soon turning out to be one long day at school! Lovers of humiliation and female/female spanking discipline with the added embarrassment of a rectal temp-taking will love this featuring a 1st time pairing of Miss Elizabeth and Blaire Monet.A Boring BookIt was Vanessa's last chance to pass her annual exam, after she failed miserably before. And this time Headmaster Tom is in no mood for joking, when he entered the room with 2 paddles in his hand! No certificate for Vanessa, but a corporal punishment, unexpectedly severe and unexpectedly long!GBS Classics - Cellphone Trouble For RoseannaTraining For PunishmentAmelia is naked on the spanking bench, already feeling 'beyond subbie' and Mistress lets her know exactly what is expected and demanded. Zoe is mean... as her hand spankings and leather strappings ensure Amelia's bottom glows red with shame.Northern Spanking Classics - Severity For SarahSchoolgirl Sarah Collins is sent to see the Headmaster with a note from her teacher. She is to undergo an exemplary punishment, not just a bare bottom caning but the tawse on her hands as well, for a proper palm punishment.FHS Classics - A Caning For Katya, Grabbing Her Ankles: That Has To Sting!Bent over with her bottom in the air, Katya Nostrovia regrets having charged a $1400 bail bond to her new boyfriend's credit card in Sugar Daddy. Payback is swift and painful from John Friday: a cane stroke for each $100 - that's 14 total, most on her bare cheeks. Now that gets results!Education Of XeniaClassic video from Whipped Women. Xenia receives an extensive corporal punishment. Countless strokes with a crop and the dreaded cane leaves Xenia's bottom with punishment marks that will last for weeks.Hard SellSales executive Del Hunter discovers that her new boss very heartily disapproves of her flirtatious ways of securing sales. This may be what her previous boss expected of her but Mr Kennedy expects his staff to conduct themselves with respect, both for clients AND for themselves. If Del thinks getting hands-on with a potential client is acceptable, he's going to get very hands-on with her. Specifically his hand on her bottom until she learns the lesson, followed by a two-tailed Scottish tawse... applied to Del's hands, of course!Taylor Rayne - Strapped At HomeTaylor swears she's learned her lesson, but David has to make sure her behavior will truly change now. He has her bend over the upstairs railing for punishment with a thick strap that leaves Taylor's bottom sore and swollen.Failing The TeamThe Cheer Coach has had enough and takes Helen aside for a short sharp scolding discipline before spanking the sassy brat out in the open. Soria, the cheer coach, has a wicked scolding technique as well as a tough spanking arm making this a hugely enjoyable all girl uniform discipline film.A God-Fearing Christian GirlJohn is a modern, progressive kind of guy - and he's running a modern, progressive kind of farm. When his business is in trouble, his friend Sarah Gregory agrees to help him out - but a bare-bottom hairbrush spanking from Pandora Blake wasn't exactly part of the deal...Punished for PlagiarizingWillow has been caught with essays that she found on the internet. Not only is she using these for herself, but she is selling them to other students. Miss Matthews is livid and invites her father in to discuss this with him. He is shocked and agrees to watch her receive a corporal punishment.Creepy Doll SpankingIt is a little bit funny, a little bit scary and very painful. New girl Nikki Sweet becomes the new roommate to Clare Fonda, who has creepy dolls on her wall. When Nikki insults the dolls, crazy Clare puts Nikki over her knee for a spanking that turns that sexy bottom bright red.B The Bar - Outdoor WhippingClassic video from Whipped Women. Young lady bent over the bar for an extensive and harsh outdoor whipping on her bare buttocks. Screaming and tears won't help, this won't finish before the bottom is fully whipped and sore.16 Swats With A School Paddle Burns Amelia Rutherford's Perfect BootyDomestic discipline doesn't get any hotter than Getting to the Bottom of It. Amelia Rutherford wants to experience a genuine school paddling. Hubby Earl Grey is happy to set her perfect butt alight with 5 on jeans and 11 on her bare bottom. That stings!Enslaved Chick – Jasmine Waterfall's Debut – Part 3It's a real joy for a dominant to tame an obedient slave. Obedience shows the quality of your raw material, and you just have to follow the proper process to obtain the good result. Dr Lomp has enough experience to handle this process for obedient cheek Jasmine Waterfall.Lilith – Testing A Spy – Part 3Lilith has already proved her pain duration for the task, however Dr Lomp hasn't tested her pussy sensitivity yet. Thus, before giving the certificate to her hand, he wants to see her bearing an occasional pussy torture.Discipline Naughty MotherAiru is the young mother of a naughty boy. One day her son injures the neighbor. Airu is called to the house and is given a sound spanking for her bad attitude.Sunny Days Spanking PositionsPlease welcome Sunny Days in her amazing debut with us here at AAA. As we often do, the best way to introduce a newcomer to the site is by our Popular 'Positions' series... it's a no-nonsense way of seeing a lady spanked in a variety of our favorite spanking positions.Treasure Hunt - DuelThe new Treasure Hunt game became a great success, and now we publish a special episode of this game: a duel between Amanda and Ariel. After they failed in each game, we decided to give them another opportunity to win $20,000 in this special, duel format of our newest game.Sound Strapping For Lucy As She Learns How Things Work In PrisonCorporal punishment is a regular feature for inmates at Correctional Institute, as pretty Lucy Lauren has learned the hard way. Disrespect or disobedience brings severe penalties from officer Zoe Page, who wields a mean leather strap across Lucy's bottom.New Model Lily James - Welcome at Firm Hand Spanking'If you're going to teach me a lesson, you might have to do it a little harder than that,' sassy brat Lily James tells Discipline Counselor John Friday as he spanks her bare bottom with a leather paddle. Is she going to stop provoking him? We hope it's not soon, as her ass is getting the spanking it richly deserves for her provocative clothing!Ashley's Little AccidentsAshley Belle wants so badly to be one of the cool kids, so she's excited when she gets assigned to share a room with popular girls Adriana Evans and Alex Reynolds on her school trip. She's pretty much willing to do anything to get them to hang out with her.Belted And Strapped - Parent's Credit Card - Part Two - Leather PaddleAfter long OTK spankings, the naughty girls who stole their parent's credit card and spent over $7000 at a ritzy resort during Spring Break are given a good belting and strapping across bare asses in exposed positions. Watch those naked bottoms jump and move every time the leather bites naked skin.Lingerie And Nude Spanking - Part 2Miwa, wearing a bra and panties, is given a sound spanking over a mature woman's knee. Little dialogue but you can watch a good old-fashioned lingerie and fully-nude spanking.Veronica's Spanking InterventionIn this custom spanking film, Veronica plays the naughty girl who needs a spanking intervention from her mother, father, grandmother, and the disciplinarian they bring in, Snow Mercy. This is not the first time Veronica has misbehaved and it is getting out of hand.Belinda Lawson Gives Her Take On Being Spanked With A Leather PaddleBelinda Lawson talks candidly about what it's like to be spanked with a hand and leather paddle. 'I get a bum cheek clap when the paddle hits, so in the middle of my cheeks I get a bruise purely where my butt cheeks have clapped together!' See her bubble butt bounce under fire.Nikki Sweet Spanks ClareTeacher Clare Fonda calls new girl Nikki Sweet into her office and gives her a very pervy inspection. Nikki secretly films it and then has the opportunity to teach Clare a lesson. So Clare gets over her knee to take a very sound spanking with hand and hairbrush.Kiki's Outfits Spankings - Part 1+2Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party. Cute-as-a-button Kiki Cali gets her pert bottom spanked 8 times, and just in case she isn't sore enough, she also gets paddled another 8 times! Add to that some embarrassing corner time, and a great time is had by all. Well. maybe not by Kiki...Strict Aunt Clare Spanks CocoAunt Clare does not approve of the skimpy shorts that Coco wears, along with many of her other life choices. This is so shocking and painful for Coco that she cries hard while getting spanked. Coco is left with a very sore red bottom that makes it hard for her to sit.Naughty Sisters SpankedMaina gets a failing grade and tries to tear up the answer sheet. When her older sister finds it, Maina asks the sister not to tell their mother about it on the condition that she receives a spanking from her older sister…Caned Soles, Caned BottomBack out comes the cane, ready for some bastinado beating to the soles of Willow's pretty feet and a few angry red stripes over Pandora's already-smarting welts. By the end, the girls are more resolute than ever: they really must clean up their act, or who knows what will happen to them next?Helen Stephens - Privileged Brat PunishedStep-Mom was informed of the latest poor behavior and is waiting for Helen to arrive home to confront her. Helen has no excuses and is taken over the maternal lap for a spanking. Also, her riding crop is used over the crisp jodhpurs but they are soon pulled down along with her white panties.Julie Spanked and StrappedJulie Manners is used to teasing her boyfriend to near insanity with her luscious little body. But now she goes too far, blatantly coming onto him, then laughing at his desire. Determined to spank the provocative coed until she yields a few concessions, Rick doesn't spare his hand and the strap!Before Work WarmingWhile he has her over his knee, Kyle discovers that Stevie is not wearing a bra under her work blouse. Kyle can't believe that his wife would be so slutty as to not wear a bra to work on a Friday and decides that such a breech of etiquette merits a hairbrush spanking.Riley Mouthsoaped & Hand StrappedRiley faces one of her most humiliating punishments at home after her stepfather has been told of what she did at school. This time, she will receive the nastiest mouth soaping for the disgusting gum-chewing followed by a mean, leather strapping across her hands for the brazen thefts.Punished Brats Classics - Young TeacherNyssa is having difficulty in accepting her role as an authority figure. Headmaster Pierson gives his young charge a lesson she will not soon forget as her spanks her to tears. With Nyssa Nevers and David Pierson.The Recommendation - Severe Bare Bottom WhippingWatch these chicks getting worked over by male and female Doms, using all kind of methods and implements to teach these submissive girls a serious lesson. Join today and you'll see lots of severe treatments, from full body whipping to extensive bare ass canings.Rising The Temp Of Her Bare Bottom With The Hairbrush - Playing Sick - Part 2Pulling her naughty little bottom across his knee, his big hand slapping down. The clear outline of his big hand throbs from each of her tiny cheeks as she protests through her cries. Reaching the wood hairbrush from her bedside table, she is trapped spread across his knee for painful Discipline.Sunday SchoolWelcome new model Becci Belacqua at Dreams of Spanking! This Pygmalion-esque tale will make you laugh, wince and beg for more - the discipline is strict and the punishments are harsh, and nobody leaves Sunday School quite the same as they arrived.Angelica Spanked & CanedAngelica's poor attitude, as she continues to talk back, earns her further discipline with a caning. She is put over the desk, bottom stuck out, panties around her feet... as he delivers a mean dozen severe strokes. Perhaps now she will learn her lesson, a lesson that is best learned on the bare!Amelia's Mouth-Soaping And Naked Whipping Teaches Her A Memorable LessonInvestigative journalist is out of her depth as she has to submit to Anthony Scott and show complete obedience to the Rule Book. Profanity gets her an instant mouth-soaping while she's whipped naked with a riding crop. 'I wrote the scene and even bought the soap,' admits Amelia.Teaching Liars A LessonThe principal has a legendary hard hand that the pupils know about and now Kiki feels this in person as she is taken across her lap for a mean hand spanking on her bare exposed buttocks. Then Miss Anna places the schoolgirl over the desk for a wooden paddling that can be heard throughout the school.Mood Castings - Vivien Blue, Sofie Blanche, Claudia ConnersKiki's Outfits Spankings - Part 8Shot at the Lone Star Spanking Party. Cute-as-a-button Kiki Cali gets her pert bottom spanked eight times, and just in case she isn't sore enough, she also gets paddled eight times! Add to that some embarrassing corner time, and a great time is had by all. Well. maybe not by Kiki. . .Spanked Bottom Clean MouthStep-Dad sees Dolliiy's already sore bottom, then he turns it an angry deep red with a sustained and mean hand spanking. She is yelping and promising to be good but he knows better and takes his girl to the bathroom for a mouth-soaping punishment she won't forget in a hurry.Cards Of Pain 13Your favorite pain game returns with a regular episode now with a new player called Nikki trying to win the game against Amanda and Tatjana. As always in this game, she must distribute 100 strokes between 5 body pars (back, tits, pussy, bottom and thighs/soles). The player wins if she can complete the punishments of all five body parts.Spankers Dream - Stevie Paddled In JeansStevie is the perfect spankers dream. Petit, curvy, round, juicy bottom just begging for some firm attention. Her pretty curves are showcased in very tight jeans, bent over the bed, presented for a good hard paddling. Her cries are music to your ears as the big paddle cracks across the tight denim.She Lost The Bet ThreeAfter Spanking and Paddling Reyna, Apricot both seduces and puts Reyna on her back, in the diaper position, and straps her with a heavy strap on the bare bottom. You can see the excitement glistening from between Reyna's legs as she has dreamed of being punished by another girl.Mackenzie's 1st OffenseThis is a no-nonsense discipline film that gets right to the action with no build-up dialogue... she is there to be punished and she knows it. Mackenzie is quickly summoned and goes right over Sir's lap for a spanking. Her tight jeans cannot conceal her glorious bubble butt for long as the hand spanking continues, swiftly moving from over the stretched material to having the panties pulled down as his relentless hand reigns down on her jiggling booty! Next, she is placed on all-fours then lying flat over the furniture as her exposed, upturned bottom is strapped and given multiple licks of the heavy leather belt. The final part of this punishment is with several stinging strokes of the cane which has her gasping in pain as the rod bites into her sore, swollen buttocks! It is hoped that Mackenzie will learn from this lesson and avoid another disciplinary meeting and she is allowed to rub her sore bottom.Discipline Of A Difficult DaughterPi is not very happy to see her step father David at her door. He is not about to leave until he has had a serious discussion with his this naughty brat and he instills some tough love with a good hard hand over his knee and a leather paddle.In Her Series Finale, Chrissy Takes A Bare-Bottom Caning, Right After The Strap!Bent over a desk, Country Girl hottie Chrissy Marie faces the consequences of lending money without asking her parents. John Friday has already used a strap on her bare bottom. Now, only a whippy cane will teach this young miss not to push the limits as stripes of the rod add to her strap welts.The New Boss - A Regression Session Film - HQ Photos PreviewAs employers go Sarah Stern is a pretty tough boss to work for as Mila and Dillon are about to find out. Skirts raised they are bent over the desk and both get a blistering spanking on bare bottoms, this in itself is humiliating enough. But next...I Watched My Boyfriend's Judicial StrappingPandora slips off her red silk underwear to reveal a bottom that is itself a little red - she's clearly been spanked recently. She climbs, naked, onto a leather-topped table that stands alone in a bare, institutional room, and she tells us a story.Spank & Make UpSumire catches her boyfriend cheating on her with her roommate Koharu. Koharu takes advantage of Sumire's spanking fetish to make Sumire forgive her.Maid For Diapers - HQ Photos PreviewIf this pretty young maid is so curious about diapers, she's going to find out more than she wanted to know, but not before she is punished for her disrespectful behavior with a hard spanking over Alex's lap. After the Spanking, Amy is taped into a diaper.Ashley Lane Spanked & Mouth SoapedAshley Lane stars as an employee who has flouted nearly every sacred rule of the company with awful customer service, a surly attitude, annoying other workers... and even caught swearing. Until now, she has had the eye of her boss, but even he has had enough. He reminds her what they agreed upon the last time she might face a disciplinary procedure... and she remembers that this would mean a spanking. He takes her over his lap for that promised punishment as her tight pencil skirt is hiked up, her panties pulled down and her bottom given a good old-fashioned hand spanking. Ashley's bottom turns a burning red and then she is told to fetch the strap. The boss places her over the couch and he gives Ashley a non-stop thrashing with the leather implement that has her gasping out, legs kicking, as it finally grabs her attention. However, the final part of her punishment is for the foul language mentioned before... and this is carried out in the bathroom for a repeated, thoroughly humiliating sudsy mouth soaping she will not forget in a hurry! Ashley learns that this really is her last chance in the company... time for her to be a model employee at last!Outdoor DetentionFaerie Willow and cheeky Miss Portia are 2 poorly behaved young ladies at St. Dunstans Catholic School. After a scolding and a long hand spanking, they both receive very hard strokes of the cane which had both girls yelping and feeling very sorry for themselves!'Am I getting a spanking?' Chrissy Marie asks nervously after spending $1500Overspending her allowance costs gorgeous Chrissy Marie Coleman a sound strapping, with a caning promised in the epic finale of Country Girl. Denim shorts off, hands on the desk, she presents her tight bubble butt for Mr Friday's stinging leather strap.EP Castings - Dolores, CybillThe Painful Card Game: Melody PondMelody Pond wants to challenge the luck of the cards, and in the process of turning over the two kings, Melody earns herself multiple implements and a long bare bottom OTK until she is crying her pretty little eyes out!Naughty Babysitter Stevie Caught With Sex Toys - Spanked OTKCatching Stevie with sex toys opens up a long overdue conversation. Forcing her legs apart, he slaps her ripe bottom and needy pussy. Warmed by his hand, a brutal bath brush has her crying immediately. Lecturing her on her inappropriate behavior as she is soundly spanked.Carmen Spanked In PoolNew girl Carmen was supposed to invite the clients over for a big money pool party today. But she made the mistake of inviting them on the wrong day. Dria is furious. She puts Carmen over her knee right in the pool and gives her a painful wet bottom spanking. Carmen is left rubbing her sore bottom.Pain Game Nude Edition With Stevie Rose - Part 2Stevie Rose has just had her already-nude bottom handspanked to a crimson red and Kyle has just told her to fetch the hairbrush. She complies, and he tans her little bare ass with the heavy wood, making her scream and cry with every smack.A Small DonationPoor Ava finds herself upended across the arm of his sofa having her wet bottom smacked hard, first over her leggings then her wet little cotton panties. A spanking not seeming to be enough for Kennedy, he drags down Ava's wet panties and applies a good hiding to her bottom with his belt.Spanked & Diapered - Free GalleriesA new spanking site, made for the lovers of diaper fetish and adult baby videos! Watch some of the most famous spanking models taken by surprise by age regression.Topless Chrissy Marie has her bottom paddled for injuring a valuable horseSpoilt princess Chrissy Marie Coleman decides to take a top horse for a ride, causing an injury in Country Girl. Disciplinarian John Friday paddles her bratty ass, leading her into the room totally topless, wearing only little cotton panties!Stevie Rose- Nude Razor Strop And Paddling - That 70's Spanking - Part 4Determined to leave a lasting impression on her naughty backside, he selects a brutal heavy razor strop to punish Stevie Rose mercilessly. Forced to count the licks through her tears, she fights to hold position. Blisters and bruises on her bottom, she will have trouble sitting for days to come.Outside ContractorA 'punishment consultant', brought in specifically to discipline Lux, the school's worst behaved student, Kennedy confesses to not being remotely concerned with what Lux has actually done. No, he has a job to do and is, he informs the poor girl about to have her bottom caned, extremely good at it.Strict Step-MotherIn our 400th episode, Madison Martin gets a new Step-mother, Stevie Rose. Stevie is very strict and wants to change that surly attitude of her new step-daughter, so she puts Madison over her knee for a very long and painful hand spanking that turns the famous curvy bottom bright red.Caught Watching Spanking VideosMiki, who is supposed to be studying for her exams, is caught watching a spanking video on the net by her mother. She is given a severe OTK spanking in the Japanese room.Ava's And Lily's Long Schoolday - Part 11Sassy sisters Ava Nyx and Lily Swan stay in trouble all day long with firm Principal Tubaman. By the end of the day, they have received an ass-searing 21 (!) spankings, strappings, and paddlings. These two young ladies will be attending their classes standing up for the foreseeable future.Mommy's Regression Session Tammy - HQ Photos PreviewAnother film in our Regression Sessions films where naughty ladies are regressed to their schooldays by a strict Mommy, strict but not very fair you might say. Mommy Sarah picks up a wooden paddle and really goes to town on this naughty bare bottom, a lesson will be given.Kiki Spanked & Mouthsoaped - Part 1Naughty little Kikki Cali smarts off to Momma Miss Elizabeth and gets spanked for her troubles. Then she is marched to the restroom where her mouth is thoroughly soaped. In an exclusive add-on, Miss Elizabeth gives an amazing tutorial on mouth-soaping.Chrissy Marie Special - Assume The PositionImages and trailers from some of Chrissy Marie's very first spanking videos at ATP Studios some time ago. Join Assume The Position Studios and enjoy this unique self-spanking scene, followed by an OTK spanking on her bare bottom and a painful strapping with the razor strop.Yukata Girl SpankedMaina, wearing Japanese Yukata, is given a sound spanking over her mother's knee. Little dialogue but we see a good old-fashioned spanking with a lot of angles.Introducing Reyna St ClairPlease welcome our latest new edition at Northern Spanking, adorable Reyna St Clair. Here Cheerleader Reyna is undergoing her first spanking at the hands of Alex Reynolds. Reyna's first film for us will be available shortly.Jayda Blayze - A Soapy Bathtime SpankingJayda Blayze makes her stunning debut at AAA in an amazing domestic discipline spanking film. Jayda's rude mouth, sassy attitude and the fact that she has been blowing the boys with that slutty mouth means she immediately receives a mouth soaping she won't soon forget. It is one of the soapiest, nastiest punishments carried out and it shows as Jayda tastes that foaming bar of soap in her mouth for a full 10 minutes. Then she is spanked with dad's wet, soapy hands which he knows will sting her bottom more.Ten The Filthy GirlThe water turns Ten's satin nightie and white cotton knickers clinging and see through, and Ten quickly learns that being strapped with heavy wet leather stings so much more. But those aren't the only things getting wet in this steamy girl-girl spanking scene.FHS Classics - A Leather Paddle For Bare-Bottomed Princess Amelia's Sound SpankingAmelia Rutherford realises that protesting about Royal disciplinarian Philip Johnson's spankings is pointless. Her bottom has to pay the penalty for her behavior The loud crack of leather on Amelia's thin panties and bare bottom in the garden could attract unwanted interest in Princess Punishment!Spanking Catherine DeSadeMs. Trent consults Dr. Karmic about how to cope with her reckless sexuality. Dr. Karmic suggests a strong dose of applied corporal punishment to get his wayward patient back on track, beginning with a spanking on her bare bottom.Beautiful Brat Chrissy Marie Soundly Spanked On Her Bare CheeksHands on the wall, barely-covered bottom pushed out for a spanking, college girl Chrissy Marie Coleman is about to feel the sting of John Friday's leather paddle in Country Girl. Her parents have asked him to keep her in line, as she's using their home - but the place is a mess.Spanked Sweeties - Abbie MaleyAbbie Maley is a rising porn star who was not typically spanked growing up, but she did recall a couple of times that her mom spanked her, once with a hairbrush, which we re-create with Clare Fonda playing her mom. Abbie gives a great interview and her bubble butt turned quite red.A Stinging Jokari Paddle Across Her Bare Bottom Has Lucy Lauren SquirmingWith a boss like Zoe Page, why would pretty nurse Lucy Lauren provoke her? A spanking is always the end result! Lucy knows she can't win at The Clinic and has to select the implement to be used for her punishment. Choosing a wooden jokari paddle is a mistake.Momma Sha Spanks Cleo DivineNaughty Little Cleo Divine hasn't been making her grades, and Momma Sha Luciana knows how to deal with it and what needs to be done - a long, firm over the knee spanking on Cleo's bare backside, followed by a strapping with a leather belt.Jayda's Thermometer PunishmentIn this special custom spanking and rectal thermometer film, Jayda Blayze plays the naughty lying daughter of Miss Katherine Worthington. At the end of this punishment video, Jayda is left with her swollen, sore bottom in the air with a thermometer sticking unceremoniously out of it.Upping Her Game - Part 2Rosie Ann is lucky enough to have a sponsor for promising future in ladies tennis. He spends an awful lot of money on his protege and Rosie is of course grateful. She doesn't even really mind the punishments that live alongside the rewards. As for him, the rewards are immense!Upping Her Game - Part 1Rosie Ann is lucky enough to have a sponsor for promising future in ladies tennis. He spends an awful lot of money on his protege and Rosie is of course grateful. She doesn't even really mind the punishments that live alongside the rewards. As for him, the rewards are immense!Welcome Super Cute Country Girl Chrissy Marie Coleman For Her First Spanking At FHSSuper-hot Chrissy Marie Coleman looks so innocent in her check shirt, tied tight to show of her boobs, with denim shorts that accentuate a tight bottom. She gets a wakeup call from John Friday: 'There's gonna be discipline around here for a change!'. She's firmly spanked on her bare behind.Messy Roommate Madi Laine SpankedClare Fonda has warned her new roommate, the super sexy Madi Laine, about being messy. Madi is sorry, but Clare decides that Madi needs to be taught a lesson. Clare puts Madi over her knee in the bedroom and gives her a sound hand spanking. She even has Madi strip naked.Exclusive Education 15 - Part 5In the final section of Exclusive Education, Part 5, Clare Fonda discusses the role of custom requests in spanking scenes. Madi plays the niece who will no longer tolerate the drinking problem her Aunt has been exhibiting. Madi delivers big time, even using a hairbrush.Lola Spanked Diapered And SoapedMommy has caught her very naughty daughter giving a guy a blowjob. She is very upset and calls Lola into her room to 'discuss' this right away. Lola is wearing a short slutty skirt and just a bra. Mommy didn't raise a little 'slut whore' of a daughter and she is determined to teach this brat a lesson through punishment and humiliation. She first gives her a hard spanking right on her bare bottom with hand and brush. The Lola is put into a diaper for further humiliation. Her punishment ends with a slutty diapered girl getting her mouth washed out with soap as she looks in the mirror at her shameful face!I'll Be A Good Girl - Hairbrush Blistering - Stevie's Strict Stepdaddy FinaleCompletely naked with her panties pulled down to her thighs, she is spread and vulnerable across his knee. The swaps for hard and fast and she wiggles to escape the pain. Pinning her arm behind her back, she is going nowhere as her bottom is beaten harshly with the hairbrush.Strict Punishment Extreme PainThe start of her punishment was not well received and tears began to well in her eyes. More to come though as Alora was made to bend over for a good hard whacking with the thick leather paddle. Just take a look at this girl at the end of our film, no doubt that she has received a hard punishment.Upping Her Game - Part 1Rosie Ann is lucky enough to have a sponsor for promising future in ladies tennis. He spends an awful lot of money on his protege and Rosie is of course grateful. She doesn't even really mind the punishments that live alongside the rewards. As for him, the rewards are immense!Spanking SolutionShihori is frequently fighting with her younger roommate Miki, and is very frustrated. Her roommate brings up an interesting solution to relieve her stress.Real Discipline Series: Marilyn's Long Release - Part 1Kyle lifts the back of Marilyn's dress up, to reveal a marked sore bottom and no panties, leaving her pert marked bottom completely exposed! As he starts with his hand, Marilyn begins to react, and after 2 five minute sets, she is squirming, jumping and trying to take it.Cards Of Pain Reloaded - LindaThis is the second episode of the Cards of Pain spin-off series. Linda is back to test her endurance in this modified game. This time for the first time the three best dominas of the BDSM world ream up in a game against a player: Amanda, Ariel and Tatjana.Rachel's Poor ReportRachel has never taken to her new stepmother and is rude, arrogant, and dismissive of her until she pushes her too far. She is pulled across the maternal lap and spanked hard over her jeans but that is just the start of Rachel's embarrassing punishment.Reflection While Standing In The CornerMaina, who has done something wrong is given a good spanking by her mother. After the spanking she is ordered to stand in the corner showing her red bottom. And then…Punished Again - Mean Girls Sequel Finale - Part 1Epic is full of good OTK and strapping action! Dave of ATP fame plays the Dean and he spanks those bottoms bright red before everyone gets a hard strapping! It's a long film so bring some popcorn. Thanks for all the support and kind messages in response to this series.Punished For ProcrastinationSydney has been extremely lax with her chores and, as bedtime approaches, she is sent to her room to get ready for bed, knowing that Paul will soon arrive to remind her of obligations by means of spanking Sydney admits she thoroughly deserves.Coco Lovelock Spanked Hard By MadamMadam Clare discovered that it was Coco Lovelock who ratted Clare out to her niece Veronica on a call that got Clare spanked. So Clare shows the young Coco what happens to tattletales. They get spanked to tears over the knee hard by the madam.Cupcake SinClair - The Prize - Part 2Cupcake's loyalty is severely tested, as well as how much punishment and humiliation she can take: a humiliating diaper position spanking in a school summer dress; a caning in silky lingerie, all the while being reminded how she ended up in this situation, and how much better her life could be.A Traditional School Paddling, But In Tight Leather Pants, Has Belinda Lawson WincingDress code is strictly enforced at this school: Belinda Lawson knew she was pushing her luck after turning up in skin-tight leather pants and a leather top over her impressive rack. The Principal's Office is one of Firm Hand's most popular series. Principal Grey does the honors in Part One.1,000 Sore Bottoms at Real SpankingsGet 1000’s of sore bottoms at Real Spankings! Big ones, small ones, firms ones, chubby ones, white ones, black ones, young ones, mature ones… everything your kinky spanko heart could wish for! Get full and unrestricted download access for only USD 21.95!Cropped, Paddled And Penalty Swats For Bad Bunny - Part 1In the Bad Bunny conclusion, beautiful Mackenzie Reed is Cropped, Paddled and given very intimate and hard Penalty Swats in the nude. 19 minutes of erotic spanking sensual overload and she writhes and moans in pain and pleasure.Spanking DresdenDresden talks about how she got spanked growing up for as she says everything under the sun. Her siblings also got spanked but her the most. Whenever she was disobedient her mom would give her a hand spanking. We re-enact a spanking she received from a tutor, played by Bella Bathory.Daddy Paddles Bubble Butt Becky - Pants Down For The PaddleHer curiosity keeps her coming back, the delicate dance of pain and pleasure, the rush of having her bottom punished. Ashamed to admit how hot and bothered it makes her to endure whatever he dishes out. Becky's beautiful bubble butt is spanked strapped and paddled.NS Classics - Introducing Bambi BelleBambi is a college student with an adorable face and a perfectly spankable bottom. She may look sweet and innocent but the fact that she is waiting for a stern punishment with a wooden clothes brush suggests that, sometimes, this dark haired beauty finds herself out of line.Chrissy Marie Paddled Bare And BlisteredMeasuring the giant paddle across Chrissy's naughty little bottom, big enough to cover both of her cheeks. Her jeans are lowered in the paddles applied to her throbbing cheeks. She counted to 20 through gritted teeth. Kicking and clenching she earns an extra swat for defiance.Lazy Gym Girl - Harsh Whip Lashes Make Her Move Her AssJust a a matter of motivation. The whip on her backside will finally make this slacker move her ass and do her workouts properly.Jeans Spanking CollectionWelcome to our video collection of naughty girls who get spanked, paddled and caned on their skintight jeans.Harsh Whipping Of The Gogo BeautyFully nude exposed on the garden table, she is waiting to get her bottom whipped thoroughly, in front of her friends. An embarrassing lesson to become a better gogo dancer soon.NS Classics - Introducing Rococo RoyalleWe filmed some excellent videos with Rococo Royalle, including one of the most sexually charged ones we have ever produced. While chatting about what implements to use for the last set, Rococo told us that she had always wanted to try being caned! Of course, Paul was very happy to oblige!Redhead College Girl Punished MercilesslyWhat are the sins of the teen babe from this HD college spanking video? Is masturbation in the male restroom enough? Oh yeah! At the same time, isn't chained ass thrashing too cruel for such a cutie? Watch the video to make a decision!Pandora's Spanking Confession To Her BossPandora's been fantasizing about her boss for as long as she's been working for him, but more and more she's realizing how those fantasies get in the way of her job. She decides to make her boss a video: one in which she finally lays herself bare, tells him everything, confesses her transgressions.Mila At The House Of Correction - Hq Images PreviewThe disciplinarian uses one of the very heaviest and largest of the leather paddles available and gives the bare bottom of this badly behaved girl a real trouncing. She is left with the marks of her punishment as a reminder of the pain.Angelica Vee Spanking Positions 2Angelica is back and following on from her top-rated film of our popular 'spanking positions' series, we decided to make another. This sequel to our previous 'Positions' film of Angelica is sure to be just as popular and fans of Angelica will not be disappointed.Rosaleen Young CollectionRosaleen Young was one of the spanking superstar models at the golden times of the Spanking Online network. Still today, watching her videos is pure joy and pleasure. Her skills as an actor, her submissive appearance, her facial reactions and of course her disposition to accept a proper spanking, paddling or caning on her bare bottom whenever her defiant attitudes demands, are unique and inimitable.Exclusive Education 15 part 4Clare Fonda talks about the time that she worked at a dungeon and received a spanking from one of the dommes in the break room. We then recreate that spanking with Miss Bernadette portraying the dominatrix who gave Clare a long and painful spanking with her hand and a wooden hairbrush.Hard SellIf Del thinks getting hands-on with a potential client is acceptable, he's going to get very hands-on with her. Specifically his hand on her bottom until she learns the lesson, followed by a two-tailed Scottish tawse... applied to Del's hands, of course!Casey Calvert Punished - The Consequences Are Spanking 4-1Now it's Casey's turn to face the music for poor performance, a lost client and throwing her boss, Stevie Rose, under the bus. Stevie gives her a long, hard OTK spanking, Paddles her, knees on a chair with butt sticking out, in wet panties. Finally her pussy and buttholes are spanked.Topless Stunner Kylee Anders Spanked And Strapped For Snooping On Her BossBare bottom bouncing as much as her naked breasts, Kylee Anders looks perfect in the lunge position as Jonny Stockton uses a strap and his hand to punish her for listening to private calls. He starts on her tight jeans, but swiftly has her ass bare for a good hot spanking in Au Pair.Kitty Catherine's Severe Spanking PunishmentKitty Catherine is caught trying to sneak out and gets severely punished. First, a hard OTK spanking. Then Paul fetches a ping-pong paddle and applies it vigorously to the seat of Kitty's pantyhose. Finally, he bares her bottom and blisters her with a large strap until Kitty is bawling her eyes out.16 Swats With A School Paddle Burns Amelia Rutherford's Perfect BootyDomestic discipline doesn't get any hotter than Getting to the Bottom of It. Amelia Rutherford wants to experience a genuine school paddling. Hubby Earl Grey is happy to set her perfect butt alight with 5 on jeans and 11 on her bare bottom. That stings!Summer Camp Caning - Part 1Alex, Maddy, Harley & Linny find themselves abandoned by their parents to a Summer camp with very a strict disciplinary policy. One by one the girls are lectured, bent over and smacked hard across their white cotton panties, followed by a 12 stroke caning that leaves their bottoms striped and sore.Mater FamiliasWhen Debbie spends the night sleeping over with her best friend, she learns that in their house, Harriet still gets old-fashioned Enid Blyton style spankings to settle her teenage infractions. Curious Debbie is secretly delighted when her friend's mother gives her the opportunity to witness this anachronistic event firsthand.Disrespect Earns Pretty Abigail Harding A Spanking With A Leather PaddleLying flat on an office desk, Abigail Harding has time to reflect on her disrespect of an important client of The Estate. The sight of a leather paddle in Mr Johnson's hand makes her nervous - with good reason as he starts to apply it to her bottom!Northern Spanking Classics - The Right Hand Of JusticeAmy has trouble exerting her authority as Head Girl over some of the older girls. Resentful of her status since she is only in the 4th form, two 6th form girls antagonize her in any way they can. Amy find some discrepancies in their uniforms in the yard and instructs them to report to classroom 4.Tears Won't Stop The Pain - HQ Photos PreviewLaura agrees to take a severe caning on all the vulnerable parts of her body, her thighs, her breasts and of course her bottom. She is naked for this punishment and by the time it is completed she is in floods of tears. Tears of pain and of happiness, she has achieved something special.Bratty Lily James Can't Resist Provoking Her Discipline Counselor - Bad Idea!'If you're going to teach me a lesson, you might have to do it a little harder than that,' sassy brat Lily James tells Discipline Counselor John Friday as he spanks her bare bottom with a leather paddle. Is she going to stop provoking him?Lilith - Failure Of A Fresh FaceTrue BDSM is a game for decent girls. Lilith is one of those decent girls, who assumed herself ready to endure severe pain. Pretty marks of cane strokes on her butts will be with her for some time, like a sweet memory from Dr Lomp and Graias Studio.Slutty Sorority Girls SpankedZoe is appalled at the behavior of the two newest pledges, Adriana and Kiki. She spanks them both as the other girl must watch. Their punishment ends with a hard strapping as their bottoms are stuck out, touching the other, so the girls can feel the other receiving the stiff leather sorority strap.Physical InspectionJoanna is sent for a physical inspection, but doesn't bring her gym kit! She pulls up her skirt for a few hand smacks before removing her skirt to ride the exercise machine as she gets a hand spanking! Then Joanna is done with that and removes her shirt and tie to be bent over for some more hand thrashing. Finally the knickers get pulled down and the hand spanking continues and she is put on the exercise machine again with a sore red bottom and the spanking goes on and on! The canes comes out for even more punishment for not working out faster and then put up against the wall and wanks herself while she gets a little spanking before the dildo comes into the picture for self penetration during her spankings with hand and leather paddle!Phoebe Kali's Unexpected PunishmentThe girls are practicing their latest cheer moves inside when Andy receives a text showing that her closest friend, Phoebe, had been caught making out and seeing Andy's boyfriend behind her back. Andy is in shock and confronts Phoebe, who can not offer any excuse since the evidence is staring her in the face on the phone! Andy takes her friend over her lap for a spanking... Phoebe doesn't put up much of a fight as this whole scenario is so unexpected but she also knows that what she did was wrong. Andy takes the hand spanking further by shaming, scolding then getting to smack Phoebe's beautiful, smooth bare bottom. The round cheeks start to redden under Andy's hand but she hasn't finished yet with her sexy friend as she places her bent over the ottoman. She continues to spank that delicious bubble butt, leaving Phoebe to rub her sore, tanned bottom afterward.Office Girls Out All Night Part 2 - Caning And Penalty SwatsIn Part One we see the girls spanked and getting a wet panty paddling for staying out all night and call calling in sick, leaving the department empty. In Part Two the girls are first paddled bare bottom while straddling the back of a chair - watch those bottoms bounce. Next it's over the desk for each of them to receive a bare bottom caning. Two get 6 and Apricot gets 12 strokes. Lastly, on the ground with those bottoms in the air for Penalty Swats on the naked butthole. Great action caught in two angles and with some slow motion.A Bad Mistake To MakeWhen someone hurts me I always get my own back on them but when someone hurts my then they had better watch out as my temper knows no bounds. Tindra is just about to find that out with the aid of my newest and hardest leather strap. This is a solid thick leather and is designed for just one purpose, to hurt the bare bottom. I now how to use a strap and I lash her till my arm hurts and her bottom cant take any more.Amy's Caning And Bastinado PunishmentSneaky cheerleader Amy Fox has been disappearing from after school practice far too many times recently. Miss Gregory tells Amy that her little leaving feet are going to be punished as well as the usual hard caning across her bare bottom and thighs that she would give her.The Cold Caning Experiment Part 2 - HQ Photos PreviewThe second part of my look at the beneficial aspects of cold caning and Eryn returns for her second treatment. Once again she has to be examined by the good doctor before taking a position on the caning bench. The second cold caning is given, her tears flow but I continue till the end. Then she has to endure my own extra experiment, the application of the tawse to both her hands. This predictably brings further tears and helps to convince me that my efforts have been well worthwhile.Chrissy Marie Spanked For Twerking At Yoga ClassChrissy Marie had been begging her mom (Miss Anna) if she could go with her to the Yoga Class at an expensive, top-end fitness studio. Mom takes pity on her and adds her as a 'Plus One' but soon regrets the decision when Chrissy saw some attractive guys in the class. She went to the front, twerking and showing off her tight booty in those hot, sexy leggings. Chrissy has gone too far so she is pulled over Mom's lap for a spanking right then and there. Her tight, sheer leggings offer little protection. Her soon bare bottom reddens even more but mom has not finished with her girl just yet.Real Spankings Model Special - JuliaWelcome Julia, the next young lady entering the Real Spankings facility to get her buttocks thrashed as often as her defiant behavior requires, even if it means a sore behind on a daily basis. Julia has a wonderful firm bottom, an angelic beautiful face and a gorgeous smile. That type of girl next door who you want to hug after she took her corporal punishment bravely and bring comfort to her.Destiny Spanked And Mouth SoapedDestiny has been very rude to her mother. She has been asked many times to come and help in the kitchen and it's always the same excuse. She is too busy on her phone. Angry mom storms into the living room to have a 'discussion' with Destiny the old fashioned way; over her lap. Destiny is given a very hard hand spanking across her bare bottom followed by the dreaded wooden bath brush that really has Destiny squirming in pain. This is the least of her worries, her rude attitude and continual laziness means this punishment ends with a mouth soaping! It wasn't her first soaping punishment, but it would be one she would remember for a long time, with the taste of those suds dripping from her mouth. Mom ensures that her bratty and rude attitude is thoroughly washed away this time!2 Naughty WivesNaughty wives Ava Nyx and Miss Anna get onto trouble with their husbands and pay for it with their bottoms. This is an extensive and serious corporal punishment that both will not forget so soon.Amelia Strapped & CanedThis is a special feature with one of our very good friends, Amelia Jane Rutherford, who agreed to film this for us. It's a mean leather strapping followed by a hard caning. There is no dialogue build-up or introduction, Amelia is laid out horizontally on a St. Andrews X bench, naked and spread. She nervously listens to several warm-up swishes of the cane that she cannot see. This anticipation of the punishment is making her feel even more anxious, she has been told to expect 25 hard heavy swats of the leather Reformatory Strap, followed by 25 strokes of a thick rattan punishment cane. This is a cinematic experience as you watch Amelia take her punishment, with suspenseful background music, filter effects, and awesome camera angles making this compulsive viewing. the punishment is measured, deliberate and designed to elicit the maximum response from Amelia, as you will see in this amazing new film. This is a 'must keep' for your collection of decent spanking erotica.Apricot Pitts' Slut Shaming PunishmentPoor Apricot is groped, grabbed, spanked and treated like a piece of meat as they use leather implements canes and have her bent over and exposed on the bench. They make her look at herself in a mirror, tearful and shamed... even giving her a blindfold so they can make fun of her without her knowledge. This is an awesome film that extracts real tears from Apricot by the end of this humiliating punishment that you will not be disappointed viewing.LOLA MARIE IS BACK!Great news for all lovers of Lola Marie! We haven’t see her around since quite a while… but guess what, there she is again! This time for a severe caning! Great performance from Lola Marie... great marks on her firm black buttocks... great work from the guys at AAA Spanking, as always!NEW FREE PREVIEW PAGEWe have always been a huge fan of Firm Hand Spanking. Not only because they have signed on some of the most attractive spanking models in the entire industry, but more important, they never disappointed their members when it comes to regular updates. They NEVER EVER skipped or missed to publish new exclusive content. Every week, since more than 15 years, as reliable as a Swiss watch. We are aware that there are dozens of free preview sites for Firm Hand Spanking out there already, but most of them are missing something important about Firm Hand Spanking. It's their High Quality Photo Sets! Literally every single video production is published together with on-scene photos in amazing quality! That’s what our new preview page is about, high quality spanking photos from Firm Hand Spanking.New Free SiteFree Site MouthSoaped.comFor the lovers of alternative punishment procedures, if regular bare bottom spankings and canings just do not have the desired educational effect anymore. See these brats going through the extremely unpleasant experience of a thorough mouth soaping. Very humiliating and most effective!NEW HIGH CLASS SPANKING SITEThat's what we call a Weekend Surprise! The famous producers from 'Good Spanking' and 'Assume the Position Studios' have just launched a brand-new high class spanking site!Northern Spanking - Always up for a surprise!Oldies but Goldies! The amazing team around Paul Kennedy at Northern Spanking is always up for a surprise! As an additional bonus to their regular weekly updates, they just re-published an amazing set of high quality photos from their very first shooting with spanking star Kami Robertson! Shortly before this shooting Kami turned just 18. What a cute nervous little girl she was, making her first appearance in the spanking scene at Northern Spanking.Main PageFree NewsletterContactLegal Info