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Free Girls Punishment Previews from Clare Fonda

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Madison Martin is surprised to discover that the pool repairman is Kajira Bound, who Madison had previously spanked for doing a bad job as a plumber. When Kajira messes up, Madison spanks her outside, right there by the pool, where anyone can hear and see.
Clare gets a visit from lawyer Alex More. Alex looks too young to be a lawyer and when she explains that she is there to serve notice Teacher Clare will be sued for spanking Iris, Clare is suspicious. She puts Alex over her knee for a spanking with hand and paddle to get to the bottom of things.
Madam Clare discovered that it was Coco Lovelock who ratted Clare out to her niece Veronica on a call that got Clare spanked. So Clare shows the young Coco what happens to tattletales. They get spanked to tears over the knee hard by the madam.
Kajira Bound was spanked by Stevie Rose for asking too many questions and annoying her. Kajira agrees to help Stevie keep the spanking she gave her a secret. But only if Kajira gets to spank Stevie and also give her some swats with the paddle.
Apricot Pitts calls Madison Martin into her living room, where Apricot complains about how the pool needs fixing. Madison explains that Apricot should call in the order herself, but Apricot will not stop nagging and complaining until Madison puts her over her knee for a spanking.
Tall beauty Iris decides that April should learn a lesson. It takes a sound spanking and paddling in the dungeon for April to agree to be better behaved and more cooperative. She leaves with a lesson learned and a very sore, red bottom.
Kajira Bound is a new sorority pledge who is helping Stevie Rose get ready for the costume pledge party. Kajira runs around bugging Stevie about what will happen at the party. So Stevie gives Kajira a demonstration. She puts Kajira over her knee for a painful initiation spanking with the paddle.
Dresden talks about how she got spanked growing up for as she says everything under the sun. Her siblings also got spanked but her the most. Whenever she was disobedient her mom would give her a hand spanking. We re-enact a spanking she received from a tutor, played by Bella Bathory.
In her first ever spanking scene real life Burlesque artist Mila Starfyre plays a Burlesque performer who is a diva who brags to the wrong person. Veronica Ricci will not listen to Mila for too long before putting her over her knee of a long, painful spanking with hand and riding crop.
Clare Fonda talks about the time that she worked at a dungeon and received a spanking from one of the dommes in the break room. We then recreate that spanking with Miss Bernadette portraying the dominatrix who gave Clare a long and painful spanking with her hand and a wooden hairbrush.
Wolfie was told by Stevie that she needs to give Apricot Pitts a sound spanking. Apricot will not agree to this until she hears that if Wolfie does not spank her then Stevie will. Apricot gets over her knee. She quickly discovers that Wolfie is pretty good at giving a hand spanking.
Madam Clare Fonda has been partying too hard so she asks her niece Veronica Ricci to help her maintain some discipline. She asks to be spanked every time she parties too hard. So Veronica starts right now, putting her aunt over her knee for a painful spanking, leaving Clare with a sore, red bottom.
Reyna McKenzieReyna McKenzie is the super cute girl you never knew had secret fantasies about spanking. She discusses them in detail and then Clare Fonda re-enacts two spankings - one as Reyna's mom who puts her naughty daughter over her knee for a sound spanking with hand and hairbrush. The second as her mentor.
Jenna Sativa Spanks New Roommie River FoxSexy Jenna Satvia, wearing only her bra and panties breaks in her new roommate River Fox by spanking her while River reads the rules of the apartment complex. River is not used to being spanked, so this really stings and she struggles to read.
Spanking Kaylee RobinsonKaylee is a pro switch who did receive spankings growing up. We re-enact one with pro Domme Mistress Gloria playing her mom. She was spanked with a hot pepper in her mouth in the kitchen. Kaylee talks about her childhood spankings as well as her adult experiences in her revealing interview.
Dria Spanking VideoDria is a rising spanking model with the most spankable bottom imaginable. She was spanked often by her parents growing up and we re-enact one with dad and one with mom (played by Miss Cassie). Great interview as well!
Snow Teaches Aali the RulesSnow Mercy breaks in a new roommate by having her read the roommate rules while over her knee receiving a long and painful spanking. She starts with her hand and finishes with a wooden hairbrush. New girl Aali Kali reads the rules while she is getting spanked.
Madison Martin ReturnsMadison Martin had moved away from the apartment complex for about a year. But she is back now and goes to the office where Dria is managing who gets in. Madison is so desperate to return that she accepts a long and painful hand spanking from Dria in order to seal the deal.
Ludella's Evil Stepmother Day TwoWhen her stepdaughter (Ludella Hahn) catches Chloe James sending sexy photos to a mysterious person, Ludella uses this opportunity into convincing Chloe that she must take a spanking from Ludella, who has her dance and strip and get a painful spanking over her knee while totally nude.
Anastasia Rose Spanks Clare FondaClare Fonda had spanked her roommate Anastasia Rose in the kitchen and now it is only fair that Anastasia get a chance for some payback. She puts Clare over her knee for a stinging spanking in which she breaks a rubber spatula over that bottom then switches to a wooden spatula which hurts even more.

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Linnys Harsh PunishmentSo who better to teach her the harsh ways than Sorority President Veronica Ricci, who puts Linny over her knee in the school office for an extremely hard spanking with her hand and a wooden bath brush, that actually draws blood from the crying Linny.
Cougar Spanking Part OneClare Fonda is a cougar and her girlfriend Riley Nixon is cheating on her with Bitsy. When Clare figures it out, she puts Riley over her knee for a long overdue spanking. Clare turns that curvy bottom red while Bitsy watches from behind the sofa. Maybe Bitsy will get hers soon.
Spanking in DetentionThey were acting bratty, going on their phones, talking in class. So she puts each girl over her knee in the front of the classroom for a firm spanking while the other girl must watch. The girls are left with sore, red bottoms that they rub - and it definitely hurts when they sit on those well spank
Sailor Spanks Clare Over PartyWhen Sailor Luna discovers the teacher Clare Fonda canceled the big sorority party Sailor had planned, she decides to teach the teacher a lesson with a sound spanking over her knee. Sailor also gives Clare a math lesson by counting out the final 100 spanks with the hairbrush before letting her go.
Dria Battles Veronica in DungeonDria comes to get revenge for the spanking Veronica had given her friend Joy. She meets Veronica in the Call Girl dungeon, where she begins spanking her. But Veronica flips the game and gives Dria a hard spanking instead!
Kaylee Spanked For Bad BehaviorKaylee has been caught smoking a cursing, so she gets called to the office of strict teacher Miss Gloria. Kaylee tries dying everything, so she quickly ends up over the knee of the tall and powerful Gloria, receiving a spanking she will not soon forget.
Cherry Gets a Hard Spanking From Her SisterHer older sister (played by Veronica Ricci) comes home from college to set her sister straight with some old fashioned discipline, which includes putting Cherry over her knee for a very long, hard spanking with her hand and a paddle.
Kay's Mom Spanks Elektra RoseElektra Rose interviews with Kay's mom in an effort to become Kay's new roommate. Fiona explains how Kay must be disciplined by her roommate and asks Elektra to spank her to prove she has what it takes. Housing is tough so Elektra does her best.
Luci Spanked for Bad GradesClare offers to tutor Luci, but she blows it off and is about to leave when Clare puts Luci over her knee for a painful spanking to teach her a lesson about maintaining acceptable grades and putting in the necessary effort. The leather paddle is extremely convincing.
Missy Spanks JadeMissy Rhodes still has a sore bottom from getting spanked by her aunt, then her best friend Jade (Veronica Ricci). She takes out her frustration by putting Jade over her knee for a long spanking. Missy may be tiny, but she packs a punch and turns that curvy bottom red with a wooden hairbrush.
Emily Parker Spanks Rival Sorority GirlWhen Emily Parker finds rival sorority girl Sophia Sativa spying on her in the kitchen, she decides to teach the shy young girl a painful lesson. Emily puts her over her knee and gives her a long, hard spanking that turns her bottom bright red.
Harley's RevengeShe's been waiting for Kay to break one of the rules and when Kay is short on rent, it's time for Kay to get a trip over Harley's knee for a super sound hand spanking that leaves Kay's bottom red, speckled and so sore she can't sit down.