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Recent Updates
Mom Stops Daughters From Becoming Callgirls
Uma Jolie Spanked by and Spanks Mom
Briella Spanks Savannah
Lola Spanked by Mom: Day Two
Linnys Hard Spanking
Kira Spanking
Kittys Spanking in the Office
Naughty Nanny Day Three - Girl Spanks Girl

Snow Spanks Her Niece
Snow Mercy is letting her big bottomed niece Amelie stay at her apartment for a while. But when Amelie's band makes too much noise, Snow puts the young lady over her knee right in the kitchen for a ...
Harley's Revenge
Harley Havik was spanked by Kay Richards when she first moved in. She's been waiting for Kay to break one of the rules and when Kay is short on rent, it's time for Kay to get a trip over Harley's knee ...
Chrissy Marie
Chrissy Marie is a petite cutie who was not spanked growing up, but has some experience as a spanking model. She is interviewed about spanking and bondage, which she and Lorelei Mission are experts ...
Misty Spanks Her Roommate's Mom
Clare Fonda begs her daughter's roommate, the beautiful Misty Lovelace, to help her daughter fit in and do well at the school. But Misty has a price, and it is a spanking. Clare agrees and gets across ...
Lola Spanked by Mom: Day One
Lola Chan is being bratty to her mom (played by An Li). She refuses to go out and meet Mom's party guests. Mom has had enough and she puts Lola over her knee right in her bedroom and gives her a hard ...
Apricot Learns the Hard Way
Apricot Cums is a new callgirl who Veronica Ricci has been hired to train scientifically. Veronica uses a lab to test some products on young Apricot and make sure she learns all about discipline with ...
Amelie is Spanked in Snow's Office
New girl Amelie earns a trip to teacher Snow Mercy's office and quickly finds herself over the teacher's lap receiving a very sound spanking on her super curvy bottom. She wiggles and complains, but ...
Mom Spanks Daughter Ami
Julie Simone plays mom to Ami Mercury. Julie is sending Ami to a school for wayward girls and Ami is resisting. Mom bends her over the sink and convinces her with an old-fashion spanking. She uses her ...
Veronica Spanks New Roommate Kitty
When Kitty Catherine becomes Veronica Ricci's new roommate, she quickly learns that there are strict rules for the apartment complex. Kitty is forced to read the rules while over Veronica's knee ...
Briella Jaden Spanked by Client
Briella Jaden took George's client what from under him when she scared Savanah away. Now George is steaming made and gets his revenge by putting Briella over his knee for a spanking. He even uses the ...
Veronica Gives New Girl the Tour
When Veronica Ricci gives new sorority girl Ryan Keely the house tour, she demonstrates what happens when you break the rules by giving Ryan a long, hard spanking over her knee, while Ryan prays, plus ...
Naughty Nanny Day Two
Arielle Lane gets in trouble yet again from her nanny Star. When Star begins spanking her, Arielle reaches under her bed for something. And before Star knows what hit her, she gets an injection in her ...
St. Patrick's Day Spanking
It is supposed to be a St. Patrick's Day themed party, but when AlexH dresses sexy goth instead, and displays a bad attitude, Veronica must teach her a lesson with a long, sound spanking on her curvy ...
Clare Spanks Madison and Kay
Clare Fonda is posing as the church counselor who gets Madison Martin and Kay Richards (Kymberly Jane) to agree to go to a religious retreat. But first they must have their sins cleansed with a hard ...
Briella Jaden and Savannah Fox Fight over Client
Savannah Fox is waiting to see her client George when Briella Jaden bursts in saying he is her client. They struggle and fight and spank each other with hand and a pan Briella brought to cook George ...
Dani Daniels Gives Kay a Nude Spanking in Office
Super hot Dani Daniels gets caught changing in her office by flight attendant Kay Richards. Dani is upset, so she has Kay strip naked also and bends her over her knee for a long, hard spanking with ...
Lola Chan (featuring An Li as mom)
Spanked Sweeties is one of the hottest girl-girl spanking sites.Each girl is interviewed, takes some hot photos then gets down to a long, hard spanking.The prettiest girls- some have been spanked ...
Spanking Sorority Girls - Linnys Harsh Punishment
Linny Lace doesn't understand the rules of the sorority or for this school for wayward girls. So who better to teach her the harsh ways than Sorority President Veronica Ricci, who puts Linny over her ...
Star Gets Revenge on Arielle
Senior Sister Star Nine did warn new girl Arielle Lane that she would give her a spanking sometime as revenge for getting spanked by Arielle. So Star barges into Arielle's room, puts her over her knee ...
Madison Gives Mandy a Move-in Spanking
Madison Martin has invited her cousin Mandy Muse to move into her apartment. But Madison must first demonstrate what will happen if Mandy acts up - and that is a trip over her knee for a spanking over ...
Veronica Spanks Teacher Snow
When Veronica Ricci informs teacher Snow Mercy that she has proof that Snow graded all the tests incorrectly, Snow says she'll do anything if Veronica doesn't report her. For Veronica "anything" means ...
Girlfriend Battle: Day 4
Angela Sommers is mad at her girlfriend Christina Carter for breaking her diet right after their workout, so she teaches her a lesson by putting her over her knee right there in the kitchen and giving ...
Ami Mercury
Ami Mercury was spanked often by her mom growing up, and her mom is excellently re-enacted by Julie Simone. Two spankings with mom, and one with dad or presented. And Ami gives a very candid and ...
Ami Mercury II
Ami Mercury was spanked often by her mom growing up, and her mom is excellently re-enacted by Julie Simone. Two spankings with mom, and one with dad or presented. And Ami gives a very candid and ...
Kitty Catherine Learns Her Lesson
Kitty Catherine is a cute, sexy new girl at the agency. Veronica Ricci has been reformed and comes charging into the office, where she puts Kitty over her knee for a long, hard spanking. She even ...
Soccer Mom Spanking Battle
Clare Fonda was spanked and bullied by her daughter and now her neighbor Silvia Sage bosses her around and spanks Clare for being weak in the discipline department. She even makes her crawl to get a ...
Revenge Spanking
Stevie Rose bursts into Madison Martin's living room to complain about how sore she is from the last spanking Madison gave her. She missed work because she can't sit down. She gets her revenge by ...
Sophie Spanks Emily Parker
Sophie Sativa plays the sister of Spirit Sanctus, who Emily Parker spanked and punished. Sophie catches Emily off guard, waking he up from her sleep and spanking her in her bedroom as revenge for her ...
Supreme Spanking
Ingrid Mouth plays the Supreme Being who must battle evil villains and she starts with Christy Cutie, who is plotting to take over the world. Ingrid spanks Christy with her hand, and with the Paddle ...
Alex Reynolds
Alex Reynolds is a wildly popular spanking model (in fact one of the world's greatest). Alex talks about her spanking experiences, not spanked growing up, but her first encounter with a boyfriend ...
Wheel Chair Spanking
Natalie Rose plays a new callgirl who interviews with Christy Cutie, who doubts Natalie's abilities since she is in a wheel chair. Natalie puts Christy over her knee to teach her a PC lesson. But when ...
Episode 92: Koko vs. Sarah
Long time members Koko Kitten and Sarah Gregory square off in the kitchen as they each get a chance to spank each other with hand and a painful spatula. Who will win this power exchange? Which of the ...
John Osborne Spanks Sarah Again
Sarah Gregory steals another girl's client, but she makes a big mistake because this client is John Osborne, who has a certain way of punishing naughty girls like Sarah - with a good old fashioned ...
Clare Battles Nikki Knightly
Clare is breaking in another new lady (Nikki Knightly) who seems bratty and defiant. Clare teaches her a lesson with a sound spanking. But when Clare oversteps her bounds, she agrees to let Nikki ...
Kimberly Brix
Kimberly Brix is a young cutie with a curvy bottom who was spanked by her mom (played by Clare) a few times while growing up. Kimberly gives a very candid interview with some sizzling re-enactments ...
Mom Spanks and Wedgies Schoolgirl Daughters
When mom (Clare Fonda) discovers that her 2 daughters (Veronica Ricci and Harley Havik) were misbehaving at school and wore the incorrect panties, she teaches them a lesson by first giving them ...
Clown Spanking
Barely 18 Jamie Hendrix comes to the cat house dressed as a clown. Literally. Veteran Celeste Star is there to show her the ropes, starting with a spanking over her knee and some more training that ...
Episode 223: Spanking Over Keys
Madison Martin bursts into her roommate Snow Mercy's room demanding her keys. Snow says she doesn't have them, so Madison starts spanking Snow to get to the bottom of it. But when Madison's keys turn ...
Episode 96: Ms. Snow shows Ms. Allure the ropes
Eacher Snow Mercy got her relative (Alexxxis Allure) a job at the school, but she's not pulling her weight so Snow decides to teach her lesson with a sound spanking. But the younger teacher finds a ...
Episode 93: Caught in the Act
Miss Snow Mercy catches Jenna Sativa drinking alcohol that she hid in her lab experiment. So she puts the young curvy bottomed girl over her knee for a spanking. But then Jenna catches a sneak video ...
Christy Cutie
Christy Cutie was not spanked growing up, but she gets spanked often now as one of the world's top spanking models. And not just for videos. Check out Christy's candid interview about her spanking ...
Episode 216: Yasmine and Chanell Become Spanking Roommates
Real life roommates Yasmine deLeon and Chanell Heart portray new roommates. Yasmine has a list of rules for Chanell to sign off on before she will accept her. Chanell's defiance leads to her getting a ...
Madison Punishes Two School Girls
Madison Martin is now working as a counselor and a girl's school. When 2 naughty school girls, Jenna Sativa and Mandy Muse (who is making her spanking debut) act up and give Madison a wedgie in her ...
Episode 225: Secretary Alaina Fox Spanked and Caned - Part 3
When Alaina Fox becomes Mr. Ford's secretary and she says she'll do "anything to keep this job" she quickly learns that her misdeeds and tardiness will result in hard canings and spankings. The super ...
Cheerleaders Spanking - Girl Spanks Girl
When Sophie Sativa wakes Emily Parker up from her sleep, she gives her a spanking because they are going to be late for practice. But Emily is the tougher of the two and once she sobers up a bit, she ...
208: Madison Visits Officer Stevie
Madison Martin follows Officer Stevie Rose home from an AA meeting. Madison finds Stevie having a drink. She threatens to tell on Stevie unless she submits to a long hard spanking with her hand and a ...
Christmas Spirit
Spirit Sanctus has been so bad this year she appeared on the naughtly list. Elf Emily Parker is sent to dish out some discipline - and it's not coal - it's a trip over her knee for a long, hard ...
Punishing the Spy
Maddy Marks is a spy who will not give up the name of her contact. Bella Bathory is the dominant woman who is assigned to get Maddy to talk. She punishes Maddy severely for nearly an hour, with hand ...
Episode 205: Kay's Mom Spanks Elektra Rose
Elektra Rose interviews with Kay's mom in an effort to become Kay's new roommate. Fiona explains how Kay must be disciplined by her roommate and asks Elektra to spank her to prove she has what it ...
Celeste Star
Stunning Celeste Star was swatted by her mom growing up. We reenact those swats, plus show her what a more lengthy and painful spanking from her mom would've been like. Celeste talks candidly about ...
Batgirl Vs Ultra Red - Girl Spanks Girl
Batgirl (Clare Fonda) has Ultlra Red (Mary Jane) tied up in only her thong, draped over a chair, her juicy bottom propped up. Batgirl spanks Ultra Red repeatedly in order to get her to tell the ...
Episode 212: Kay's New Boss Pilot Dani Daniels
Dani Daniels is a pilot who also happens to be flight attendant Kay's new boss. When Dani confronts Kay after her third offense Kay begs Dani not to fire her, but instead spank her. When Dani warms to ...
 61% · Gigi Allens Breaks in New Girl Krissy
 53% · Episode 215: PJ Spanking Time
 55% · Girlfriend Battle: Day 3
 59% · Cowgirl Callgirl Spankings
 61% · Sister Spankings
 57% · Spanking in the Woods
 57% · Episode 106: Veronica Spanks Stevie Rose and Jenna Sativa
 68% · Veronica Gets Spanked by Brianas Mom
 63% · Angela Spanked by Hit Woman Christina
 69% · Clare Fonda Spanked by Dan
 52% · Lost Map Woods Spankings
 64% · Violet's Punishment - Evening
 54% · Jenna Sativa
 58% · Episode 111: Spanking In Nun's Office
 61% · Top Domme
 58% · Episode 94: Sister Cy Battles Veronica
 67% · Episode 225: Secretary Alaina Fox Spanked and Caned - Part 2
 62% · Spirit Sanctus
 53% · Girlfriend Batte: Day 2
 60% · Episode 214: Snow and Madison Battle Again
 66% · Bad Plumber, Day 1
 64% · Episode 222: Yasmine and Chanell Round 2
 67% · Naughty Nanny: Day One - Girl Spanks Girl
 55% · Nella Jay
 56% · Sunny X
 58% · Episode 97: Rebel New Girls Get Spanked
 64% · Episode 225: Secretary Alaina Fox Spanked and Caned - Part 1
 55% · Episode 219: Spanking in the Dining Room

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